Emergency Medicine

List of Emergency Medicine Doctors

Dr. Sandip Kumar Pradhan

M.S (General Surgery)

Sr. Faculty, Emergency Medicine

Time : 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM

Dr. Prasanna Kumar Mishra

MD (Anaesthesia)

HOD and Sr. Faculty, Emergency Medicine

Time : 08:00 AM – 04:00 PM

Dr. Firoz Satpathy

MD (Anaesthesia), FNB (Critical Care)

Faculty, Emergency Medicine

Time : 11:00 AM – 07:00 PM

Emergency Medicine :

The Emergency Department has been accreditated by NBEMS for DNB in Emergency Medicine Department (02 seats) each year since Jan/Feb 2023 session.
Ashwini Hospital, Emergency department is a popular, trust worthy department for the people of cuttack and surrounding areas. Prompt service, quality service and team approach for patients coming with emergency problems is the key to its success. Hence, the case load is very high.
Ashwini Hospital has several higher speciality departments like Neurology, Neurosurgery, Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Pulmonology and Critical Care. There departments have highly qualified and experienced consultants, who are best in their fields. Thus Ashwini Hospital Emergency Department attracts patients of acute brain stroke, status epileptius, AIDP , Myaesthenia gravis in crises, AMI, acute abdomen, metabolic emergencies, poisoning, Respiratory failure, acute kidney injury and polytrauma.
Post pregnancy complications from nearby centres are admitted frequently.
It has the advantage of having ER ICU with ventilators. It also has 24 hours Emergency Laboratory facilities, Radiology facilities including CT and MRI.
Thrombolysis in acute Brain Stroke, thrombolysis in AMI, Primary PTCA in AMI, Emergency dialysis for AKI is done on a daily basis.
Emergency Department has allotted 2 ACLS Ambulances for Emergency Patients.

Skills learnt during Training :

 Priotising Emergency Case
 CPR-Adult / Pediatric
 Airway Management
 Rapid Sequence Induction
 Endotracheal Intubation
 Mechanical Ventilation
 Invasive & non-invasive Ventilatory Management
 Percutaneous and open Tracheostomy
 Invasive Monitoring(CVP & Arterial Line)
 Defibrillation And Cardioversion
 Hemodialysis Catheter insertion
 Lumber Puncture
 Bed side Ultrasound / 2D Echo
 Gastric Lavage
 Thoracocentesis
 ECG / ABG Interpretation
 Trochar Suprapubic Cystostomy
 Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage
 Management of Rectal Prolapse
 Manual Reduction of Paraphimosis

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