Nephrology & Urology



The nephrology unit is managed by highly qualified and experienced senior consultants in Nephrology. The department functions as a tertiary care unit, complimented with urological services.

The services provided by the Nephrology unit includes

  • Outpatient clinics
  • Care of inpatients with kidney disorders
  • Consultation services to other departments
  • Dialysis service
  • Pediatric Nephrology Service

The department provides specialized care for the patients with UTI, acute and chronic renal failure, hypertension, glomerulo- nephritis, check up of post kidney transplant patients and also extends support to other departments in the management of wide ranging renal problems.

Our new renal dialysis unit is well equipped with 8 nos. of Machine including ARRT Plus to provide the renal replacement therapy for patients suffering from end stage of renal disease and acute kidney injury on a regular basis. With the support of dedicated staffs and efficient doctors, the department is committed to deliver the specialized services with care and compassion.

In ICU cytosorb therapy is given to patients with septicaemia. Dialysis by ARRT plus machine in low blood pressure patients are also done in Ashwini Hospital. Haemodialysis Services are provided to Hepatitis B and C positive patients as well by our team of experienced consultants.