Orthopedics Trauma & Rehabilitation

List of Orthopaedics & Trauma Doctors

Dr B Kanakaya Reddy

Bone & Joint Surgery and Trauma

M.S. (Ortho), D.N.B (Ortho)
Ashwini Trauma Centre


Dr S Narayan Behera

Bone & Joint Surgery and Trauma

M.S.(Ortho), Fellow in Arthroplasty
Ashwini Trauma Centre

Dr Sourav Mandal

Orthopaedics & Trauma

Ashwini Hospital

Ashwini Group of Hospitals and out reach clinics (Ashwini Emergency & Trauma Centres) have established their firm credentials as the leading trauma care facility of the Odisha and adjoining States. We run a comprehensive trauma care program, especially for poly-trauma patients from resuscitation and stabilisation to effective rehabilitation of the patient. The team has Orthopaedic Surgeons, Spine Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Neuro-Surgeons, Vascular Surgeons, Maxillo-Facial Surgeons, Critical Care Physicians and Therapists. With a robust armamentarium, round the clock emergency and dedicated support staff we strive to save as many lives and limbs as possible. Recognising this, Departments of Health and Transport have offered free treatment to road traffic accident victims for first 48 hours of the accident. To name a few procedures, we have trained man power to deal with the following.

Complex pelvic-acetabular fractures (anterior column, bi-columnar, posterior column and wall fractures and transverse fracture), fractures associated with vascular injury and nerve injury, neglected and complicated fracture non-unions treated by Ilizarov techniques and free vascularised fibula transfers. Besides, management of floating knee and complex intra-articular fractures, fractures around hip, shoulder, elbow, hand injuries are managed seamlessly by our team of surgeons. Many fractures are treated by MIPPO and less scar techniques.

Reconstructive Surgeries

Deformity correction like Genu varum and genu valgum, Coxa vara and coxa valga, Cubitus varus and cubitus valgus deformities, Limb lengthening, Osteotomies around hip for congenital and childhood diseases like DDH and Perthes diseases, CTEV correction in both childhood and adult, cavo-varus deformity and flat foot are done regularly as also contracture releases.

Arthroscopic Surgery

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Complex rotator cuff tears treated by arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair by modified Double Row Suture Bridge technique. For recurrent shoulder dislocations: – Arthroscopy Bankart surgery and Latarjet surgery is offered. Arthroscopic AC joint repair and reconstruction, arthroscopic capsule release for stiff shoulder, arthroscopic SLAP repair, arthroscopic Subacromial decompression for Subacromial bursitis and shoulder impingement are available in our Arthroscopic Surgery Unit. AC joint arthritis treated by arthroscopic partiall resection of AC joint. spino-glenoid cyst with suprascapular nerve compression are treated by arthroscopic decompression.

Knee Arthroscopy

Procedures done in the knee by arthroscopy include: Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction by single and double bundle techniques, Arthroscopic PCL reconstruction by single and double bundle techniques, Arthroscopic meniscus repair by all-inside, inside-out and outside-in techniques, Complex multiple ligament injuries of knee that is LCL, MCL injuries with latest techniques, Arthroscopic popliteus reconstruction, Osteotomies around knee, MPFL reconstruction for recurrent Patellar Dislocations, Osteochondral defect treatment for Arthroscopic OATS and mosaic-plasty.

Spine Surgery Facilities

Various spine surgery for acute as well as chronic spinal ailments including MIS (Minimal Invasive Surgery) Spine Surgery (for less pain in post-operative period with early recovery) are available at Ashwini group of hospitals. To name a few are, MIS TLIF surgery for spondylolisthesis and spinal canal stenosis and degenerative spine, Microscopic Discectomy ,Hemi-laminectomy and Laminectomy, fracture fixation in Dorso-Lumbar Spine region and Balloon kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty.

Joint Replacement Surgery

On a regular basis the following joint replacement surgery are done in 4 modular operation theaters at Ashwini Hospitals.

  • Total knee replacement
  • Uni-condylar knee replacement (UKR)
  • HTO for Varus and Valgus deformities
  • Revision Total knee replacement.
  • Total hip replacement
  • Complex primary hip replacement.
  • Revision Total hip replacement.
  • Total shoulder replacement and Reverse Shoulder replacement
  • Revision Reverse Shoulder Replacement
  • Total elbow replacement
  • Radial head replacement
  • Radial head replacement