Ashwini Hospital is the largest private medical center of Cuttack and was commissioned in 2006 with an aim to provide tertiary level health care in select super-specialty branches of Medicine and Surgery.

Today Ashwini Hospital offers comprehensive patient-focused care, with state-of-the-art infrastructure, medical equipment and facilities, complemented by globally trained and experienced doctors and professional support staff, available 24*7. It is recognized as the most advanced, complete Trauma care centre in the Town, powered by cross-functional teams with deeper skill sets and round-the-clock availability of cardiologists, Plastic surgeons, critical care and emergency medicine specialists. The hospitals are models for high doctor-patient and nurse-patient ratios to ensure patient satisfaction.

Ashwini Hospital is a complete healthcare ecosystem, with related components of education/training and research, pursuing innovations that make healthcare more affordable. Ashwini Hospital continually updates medical knowledge and puts it into practice — taking innovations from the bench to the bedside. Despite altruistic ideals and a ‘soft’ business model, Ashwini Hospital has grown successfully.

Ashwini Hospital is owned and managed by visionary Medical experts Dr. Subrat Kumar Jena , M.S. (Orthopedics), F.I.C.S. (Orthopedics), M.Ch. (Plastic Surgery).& Dr. Maya Ghantayat. D.M. (Neurology), M.Sc.(Neuro-Intervention)

At the very outset, they resolved that Ashwini  Hospital would not be just another medical facility.

They were not created to serve the rich, but would address all sections of the community.
They would not charge all sections of the community in the same way but would price services according to the paying capacity of the patient.
They would not turn away a patient simply because he/she could not afford our services, but would channelize their own social responsibilities and the goodwill of the community to provide healthcare to the underprivileged.
They would provide not just routine medical care, but also a world-class service to all.

Good Governance

At Ashwini Hospital, one of our most effective differentiators is the reconciliation of clinical and corporate governance.
As part of our clinical governance, we have defined our core purpose: ‘To provide care that people trust’, affirming that we will always provide medical care with a human face, we will provide relief to our patients and aim to increase their longevity and we will do all this through a transparency of process and practice.



Our Location

Ashwini Hospital Cuttack

  Sector-1, C.D.A, Cuttack-14
  Phone : 0671 2363007/08/09
  FAX     : 0671 2363010 
  Ambulance- 9238008800
  Reception-  9238008811
  E-mail :

Dhamra Port 

Ashwini Hospital 
Dhamra Port 
Dist- Bhadrak-71 
Mobile:  9348640456

 Ashwini Trauma Centre 

 Plot No 1, Com 14 ,Sector 1 CDA ,
 Cuttack – 14
 Phone – 0671-2360133/132
 Mobile – 7606005555/7608005555

Ashwini Emergency and Trauma Centre 
Jyothi Hospital 
NH5, Kuruda, Balasore-56 
Mobile: 8018888333/111
Aditya Ashwini Hospital 



Ashwini Emergency and Trauma Centre, 
Samal Care  
NH 55, Banarpal, Angul -28
Mobile: 7894005555,  7894025555

Ashwini School and College of Nursing 

(A unit of Rajanikanta Jena Foundation)
94 Madhusudan Nagar , Bhubaneswar
College Campus
At: Plot No. 8(p), (Next to IPSAR), Mouza-Tangarhuda,
PS No.- 20, Cuttack SRO -14
Ph. No.-0671-2366600
E-mail –